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Ronen Ben Tal - A Film Producer

In 2009 Ronen Ben Tal established Bental Productions Ltd. (Ex named Plan B)  A boutique production house for fiction and documentary films and series.  Ronen works personally with selected filmmakers with a significant inner voice, unique cinematic perspective and an exciting story to tell. Prior to film production, Ronen was the founder, owner and managing director of DB studios, Israel's leading music and sound post-production for facility.


Director - Ayelet Menahemi

Fiction / Post-Production /  2022

Seven Blessings is a comic drama, set in the early 90s in Jerusalem. At the center is a boisterous, drama-filled, Moroccan family, with numerous members speaking multiple languages (Hebrew, Moroccan, French, and French-Moroccan dialect). Hidden behind the facade of joie de vivreand togetherness, however, are secrets, lies, and a painful old wound from the past.

It was common practice among Jewish families in Morocco for a barren woman to receive “a child on loan” from her sister who was blessed with many children, to raise as her own. This was an unwritten agreement, sanctioned by the community, which viewed it as an altruistic, noble and empathetic act.



Director -Maor Zaguri

Fiction / 120 min /  2022

The story of a sensitive, extremely imaginative youth, “Boy”, who embarks on a coming-of-age journey in a small, isolated community in the southern Arava desert region. 

A terrible tragedy befell the family when “Boy” was young. He feels that in order to overcome It, he must become an adult and therefore makes a conclusive resolution to “lose his virginity”. However, on the day he masturbates for the first time, his mother commits suicide. Thus “boy” finds himself facing a greater abyss than he imagined.

On the seam between reality and imagination “boy” will come face to face with individuals in his life from his past and will have to confront guilt, loneliness and parting with childhood.

A film about friendship, love, imagination, sexuality and the little unnamed things that separate childhood from adulthood.

Selected Festivals & Awards - The film has 5 nominations at the “Ofir” academy awards for best director, script, cinematography, art and main actor and will premiere in Tallinn FF 2022.


Director - Avida livny

Documentary miniseries / 150 min 2022

After 22 consecutive championships, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel's richest and strongest basketball club, is threatened by its toughest rival, Hapoel Tel Aviv, the club that was built by the left-wing workers in the 1920's. Through the story of one basketball playoff series that started with a hope for a change and ended with a knockout, “The punch” tells the story of Israel's greatest sports rivalry.

(broadcast on Yes docu)


Director -  Avishai Sivan

Fiction / 120 min /  2015

A yeshiva student collapses and loses consciousness. The paramedics pronounce his death but his father continues to administer CPR. Unexpectedly, he comes back to life. Seeing his son changed, the father fears he crossed god’s will when he revived him.

Selected Festivals & Awards - Jerusalem FF (Best Feature Film, Best Script, Best Cinematography, Best Actor), Locarno FF (Jury Award,  Special Mention for the cinematography, Don Quijote Award) Telluride FF, Fantastic Fest, Valladolid FF (Best Cinematography), Singapore FF (Special Mention Silver Screen Award), Rotterdam FF, New York MoMA ND/NF, Transilvania (Best Director Award).

Distribution - USA, France, Israel.


Director - Avishai Sivan

Fiction / 34 min /  2020

For the first time in years, the secular Noah meets his Hasidic siblings in the heart of Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem.
A tense gathering on the occasion of disclosing the will of the recently deceased patriarch.

Selected Festivals & Awards - Jerusalem FF (Best Short Film) , The Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (Most Promising Director Award), Ischia FF, Chelsea FF.

Distribution - Israel.


Director - Michal Aviad

Fiction / 89 min /  2011

Two women meets accidently to find out they were raped by the same serial rapist 20 years ago. Together they embark on a journey to heal their traumatic wounds. 

Selected Festivals & Awards - Berlinale IFF (ECUMENICAL PRIZE Panorama), Taormina FF, Montreal FF, Goteborg FF, Rio FF, Thessaloniki FF, Haifa FF (Best film, Best Actress).

Distribution - Israel, France, Australia.


Director - Astar Elkayam

Fiction / 75 min /  2020

Omer and Bar are deeply in love when they decide to start a family through IVF treatments. Their journey begins full of excitement and support, but after many unsuccessful insemination attempts, their desperation grows and the women are forced to face the conflicts in their relationship.

Selected festivals - Inside out Toronto, Kiev, Thessaloniki International LGBTQ, OUTshine Fort Lauderdale, Melbourne Queer Film Festival.


Directors - Yair Asher, Itamar Lapid

Fiction / 103 min 2021

Yishai, an Israeli jazz pianist who lives in Paris, visits his family in Israel and hope to figure out his future. He becomes closer to his younger brother, Omer, a free spirit. Yishai finds comfort in the crazy and surprising encounters from his past, but also must consider his own future and shaky relationship with Omer.

Festival - Jerusalem FF.


Director - Ran Slavin

Fiction / 83 min 2017

Eko complicates her life by publishing a 'Call for Dreams' ad in a Tokyo newspaper. With her scooter visiting strangers in the city who leave descriptions of their dreams on her analog answering machine and for a fee acts them out. As dreams inadvertently seep into reality and a parallel police investigation of a murder in Tel Aviv unfolds, what is real and what is not is getting hard to distinguish for everyone.

Selected Festivals & Awards - Utopia FF (Best Feature Film), Ecu The European Independent FF (Best Actress), Camerimage FF, Haifa FF, AVIFF Cannes Art FF (winner-online award), ADAF Athens Digital Arts Festival, FICLAPAZ – La Paz FF Bolivia (Best Narrative Fiction), Urban Audio-Visual Lisbon FF, Dreamers of Dreams UK FF (Best of the festival award).


Director - Avishai Sivan

Fiction / Fundraising 2023

A childless, Hasidic couple gives birth to a two-headed baby – Noah and Lot. Lot is wicked, Noah good-hearted. After some years Noah dies and his head is detached from the body. Lot misses his brother and yearns to be more like him, but in order to do so he will have to resist his inner nature.

Selected Festivals & Awards - Rotterdam FF (36th CineMart),
Jerusalem FF (Won the Goralska Award at the 13th edition of Pitch Point).


Director -  Tsivia Barkai

Fiction / 91 min 2018

Benni is a 17-year-old who lives with her father, Yehoshua, in Silwan, an illegal settlement in east Jerusalem.When a red heifer is born, Yehoshua sees it as a sign of the coming of the thirdtemple. Benni is charged with caring for the heifer. When she falls in love with Yael, a national service teacher, the close relationship between Benni and Yehoshua begins to crack. As tensions rise, Benni is determined to secure a future for Yael and her.

Selected Festivals & Awards - Berlinale FF, Jerusalem FF (Best Israeli Film and Best Debut Film awards), Tokyo FF, India FF.


Director - Haim Tabakman

Fiction / 83 min 2016

A bitter sweet post holocaust love story between Ewa and her 2 husbands. Ewa is married to Yoel, sharing their great love. Ewa is also married to Emil, seeing him every day. Yoel doesn’t know about Emil, then he finds out.

Selected Festivals - Tokyo FF, Haifa FF.

Distribution - Israel, France, Poland, Germany.


Director - Eytan Fox

Fiction / 117 min 2007

Ashraf (Yousef "Joe" Sweid), a Palestinian, meets Noam (Ohad Knoller), an Israeli, at a checkpoint station. The pair begin a relationship, and Ashraff moves in illegally with Noam and Noam's roommates, Lulu (Daniela Virtzer) and Yelli (Alon Friedman). The hip Tel Aviv neighborhood in which they live insulates them from the ongoing conflict between Arabs and Jews, but their protection cannot last forever.

Selected Festivals & Awards - Toronto FF, Berlinale FF (C.i.c.a.e. & audience awards Panorama), Tribeca FF, Seattle FF, Durban FF (Best script), Dublin Gay & Lesbian FF (Audience award Best film), Torino International Gay & Lesbian FF (Audience award Best film), GLAAD Media Award, (Glitter Award - Best Picture).

Distribution - Israel, France, Germany, USA, Italy.


Director - Anat Schwartz

Documentary / 3 episodes miniseries / 150 min 2017

In Paris they were called "Jews", in Israel they are the "French": Marouane who was circumcised at the age of 18, dreams of becoming a shepherd in Jerusalem; Isabelle who follows her husband to Netanya, leaves her son behind; and Valerie, the television star, lives in Tel Aviv and misses a Paris that has long gone. Terror attacks in France, Terror attacks in Israel. Wandering Jews, arriving in Israel to discover its reality - tougher than they knew, beautiful and struggling, disintegrating. Five years of continuous cinematic observation of the French immigration, 100,000 people and one question left open: Why?

Festivals - Visions Du Reel FF, DocAviv FF.

(Broadcast on Yes docu)


Directors - Daniel Sivan, Yossi Bloch

Documentary / 4 episodes miniseries / 200 min 2013

Four Israeli startup teams sacrifice their families, their friends, and their bank accounts to pursue their startup dreams. Throughout their journey, we catch an intimate and exciting glance on how the 'High-Tech Nation' really works.

(Broadcast on Yes docu)


Director - Noam Pinchas

Documentary / 52 min 2012

After a separation of more than a decade, Noam, the conscience-ridden director of the film, returns to the kibbutz where he grew up to save Zach, his childhood friend who has become a reclusive handicapped refusing rehabilitation.
Noam devises a consistent and exhausting training routine with the aim of helping Zach run again, or at least move more easily.
A touching and humorous friendship between two men who try to change their lives and fight their relentless emotionally charged past.

Festival - DocAviv FF.

(Broadcasted at the Israeli channel 10)


Director - Mor Loushy

Documentary / 52 min 2010

Israel Experience: The biggest Zionist project in over a decade. Its sole purpose is to create new allies for the State of Israel in times of crisis. To this end, “Israel Experience” provides young Jews from around the world guided tours of the Holly-land. The film accompanies a group of young Americans on their intensive bus journey across a strong and righteous Israel. The marketing of Israel as such, juxtaposed against the reality, reveals our need as a society to not confront our flaws.

Selected Festivals & Awards - IDFA, DocAviv FF, Planete Doc Review FF, London Palestine FF, DocEUmmunity Award, Copro Documentary Marketing Foundation.